Design & User Experience

A customer-centric creative phase where we define structure, look and feel

Putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes

User experience is a key element of any digital project. We run a rigorous UX phase based on learning’s from our early workshop findings and the output of this phase is often the creation of a fully interactive browser-based prototype.

These prototypes allow clients and users alike to experience an interactive version of the site or campaign before any build phase. It goes without saying that we always use a responsive user experience and design approach for delivery of content to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Testing and review of this provides vital feedback upfront, allowing the building blocks of the work are optimised and ensure that any adjustments can be made in the early phases of the project.

Once the user experience is agreed we look to start the creative process of developing how this will look and be presented to the end user.

Our design process is always consultative - working with you to utilise our expertise to deliver an outstanding brand experience for your customers.

User experience is a key element to any digital project

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin

A televisual automotive web experience for this luxury brand

Art Review Magazine


A social networking website for the art world

A father and his daughter embracing on a beach


A re-launch of this large membership organisation, showcasing their new positioning and brand new name!

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