Welcome to our most recent project …us!

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally created the site we deserve. As a creative digital agency based in the UK’s two thriving industry hubs of Brighton and London, we needed to better showcase our latest techniques, skills and work.

We’ve had the same site now for the last few years, and being a part of a constantly evolving industry, it's fair to say that we were more than overdue an update!

Where we started

First things first ….we didn’t want to just update and edit our old site, we wanted a complete redesign and redevelopment. In all honesty, we had outgrown our old site; it no longer accurately represented the brand we’ve now become. It didn’t fully demonstrate the range of different skills and services that we now offer. Having clients in such a wide range of sectors, from local organisations to national brands, we needed our new site to clearly demonstrate our track record of success.

Like all projects, the design process started with a discovery workshop. We needed to consider what we wanted for the new site, how we wanted users to interact with the new site and how to proudly showcase our work. 

Getting technical

When coding and developing our new site, the back-end team were ready to show off their skillset and make our site the best it can be. To make our site unique, we refactored the core code and setup-script that we regularly use and added in some new unique features along the way. For example, our site is the first to have a new way of handling a 404 page. This new feature gives users links to pages on our site that could be relevant to their search, instead of a standard 404 page. The search history is recorded and stored so that we can see what users are searching for. By utilising this data we are better placed to see what updates and edits we can make to the site to ensure continuous refinement and improvement.

With the use of Codeignitor (PHP framework) and Percona (database), our site is not only easily editable but runs with complete efficiency and speed.

When working with clients we take a ‘never fully finished’ approach. The optimisation of our site will be tested using AB Testing; this will give us insight into what’s working well and areas that we can improve further. 

Keep updated

We’ve some exciting new work ahead, so watch this space and our social media to follow our exciting journey.

Whether you are an established company needing advice and support, or a start-up with no prior experience, get in touch to find out how we can help you go beyond the ordinary!