We are delighted to have delivered a functional online communications platform that allows

Sport Wales to fulfil their ambitious strategic vision and presents them as a pioneering organisation that aims to make an entire nation more active, more healthy and “...enable sport in Wales to thrive - whenever, wherever, however and for life...”.

The intuitive platform we designed and developed puts people at the heart of their core proposition: The Sport Wales vision is for everyone - from people who don’t see themselves as sporty to those people who win medals.

The information architecture supports goal-focused journeys to ensure their users found the most appropriate content information hub for their needs easily; each hub incorporated sophisticated filtering to enable intuitive content sourcing. Content is tagged in multiple ways to allow it to be distributed across all relevant information hubs automatically. Dual languages and accessibility were seamlessly integrated using the powerful YouCreate CMS, which also gives the Sport Wales team complete control.

We are so proud that the platform has perfectly reflected Sport Wales’ ambition to promote sporting excellence, have a positive impact and show how Sport Wales is constantly evolving. Sport Wales are delighted we delivered their project on time and on budget. Grandad is continuing our work with Sport Wales to realise their ambition of continual improvement through a data-led and insights approach in the longer term.

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